Carmanah Solar LED School Zone Beacons Enrolled in Baton Rouge Safety Improvements

Carmanah R829 Solar LED School Zone Flashing Beacons

Project Scope:
85 beacons for use in school zones across Baton Rouge, Louisiana

End User:
The City of Baton Rouge, LA

Traffic Distributor:
Temple Inc.

Challenge and Solution:
When the Baton Rouge City-Parish, in joint agreement with the Mayor ”Kip” Holden and Metro Council, authorized the Department of Public Works Traffic Engineering Division to improve school zone safety on neighbouring highways and high-speed roadways, the City began to look for viable technology for the job. The City required a roadway safety improvement that could both increase visibility of posted school zone speeds and provide the ability to control the new traffic systems directly. The Carmanah R829 – solar LED school zone flashing beacon was the ideal candidate for the job; being capable of on-site programming and adjustment based on prevailing traffic patterns.

The decision to go solar was motivated by the systems’ low installation and maintenance costs, particularly where grid-power was otherwise inaccessible. The City incorporated grid-based flashing beacons to work in conjunction with the solar systems, providing a seamless integration of solar and AC powered technologies. Baton Rouge’s new 85 R829 systems also support the City’s commitment to sustainable technology and provide cost-reduction through the investment in LED and solar technologies which are well known to be both long-lasting and low-maintenance.

Project Specification:
85 Systems:
20 W R829 Dual Head with Mount