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Safe and walkable communities

Watch a video

The rectangular rapid flashing beacon (RRFB) is a highly effective traffic safety treatment for crosswalks. Check out our RRFB Overview below video to learn where and how RRFBs can be installed.

Learn more about the benefits of crosswalks on our Walkability and Advocacy page.


Read a case study

See how Westborough, Massachusetts, added RRFBs at several crosswalks in the community.

Westborough, MA, RRFBs


Explore more case studies on crosswalks, school zones, and more.


Download RRFB facts

Share this RRFB Rapid Facts handout with your team.

RRFB Rapid Facts
Learn more about crosswalk flashing beacon options.

Delve deeper


r920-e rectangular rapid flashing beacon product hero shot

Take a look at our bestselling beacon, the R920-E Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon.


Check out our RRFB installation video from Rio Rancho, New Mexico.


Explore more products using our product selector tool.


RRFB interim approval details

Are you in the US? Read about IA-21 interim approval for RRFBs before you get started.



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