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Carmanah Traffic

Developing complete streets that everyone can use safely is a big job—but you don’t have to do it alone. At Carmanah, we’ve got the tools to help you meet your community’s needs. We use our 20+ years of solar and LED experience to develop flashing beacons for crosswalks, school zones, and signs. Our solar and AC-powered beacons are available with industry-leading features, including wireless communication, calendar and remote monitoring functionality, pedestrian and passive activation, and more. Plus, we have the mounts and housings to fit any new or retrofit installation. We manufacture long-lasting, low-maintenance systems that you can depend on.


The Carmanah Family

Carmanah Technologies Corporation provides signaling and solar lighting solutions for infrastructure projects around the world. With over 400,000 installations in 110 countries, we are in your community—in the street lights on your block, the school zones in your neighborhood, and the regional airport in your town. We have built a global reputation for delivering innovative, cost-effective, and long-lasting solar solutions that offer cost savings and ensure environmental sensitivity. Established in 1996, Carmanah is now a community of companies, including Sabik, Sol, Vega, and Ekta, which each offer energy optimized LED solutions that are built to perform in some of the world’s harshest and most remote environments—while also working close to home.

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Woman crossing a street and a car driving in a roundabout with a crosswalk sign and flashing lights on a pole.
Copyright: Carmanah Technologies

Carmanah Traffic R920 crosswalk beacon for a roundabout, Edmonds, WA

Large street intersection with a stop sign and red flashing light with a solar panel mounted on a pole.
Copyright: Carmanah Technologies, Photo: David deLeon

Carmanah Traffic R247 24-Hour flashing stop sign, Yorba Linda CA

Roadway with a school speed limit sign off to the side and flashing dual beacons and solar panel above the sign on a pole.
Copyright: Carmanah Technologies, Photo: Joseph M Carfora

Carmanah Traffic R829 school zone flashing beacon, Indianapolis, IN


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Every superhero needs a team behind the scenes that helps them save the world. We like to think we’re the Alfred to your Batman; the Kato to your Green Hornet; the Jarvis to your Iron Man. We spend our time working with traffic heroes like you to ensure we’re providing sustainable, reliable solutions for your traffic applications, from school zones to crosswalks to road signs. Whether your mission is improving walkability, slowing down traffic, or ensuring a sign can be seen, we’re here to help you do it. And we’ll help you in any location, while also meeting MUTCD regulations, ITE requirements, or other specifications.

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