Carmanah Supplies Solar LED Pedestrian Crosswalk Lights for BC Traffic Calming Project

Carmanah’s Solar LED Lighting Group recently supplied its R820C solar-powered LED pedestrian crosswalk lights to the District of Central Saanich in British Columbia, Canada. These pedestrian crosswalk lights are being used as an integral part of a traffic calming project initiated in the community of Brentwood Bay in Central Saanich.

Installed as part of the Brentwood Bay Revitalization project, Carmanah’s R820C solar pedestrian crosswalk lights will help to make the village centre safer, more pedestrian friendly and enhance the village’s overall appearance. The compact, self-contained design of the R820C unit blends well with other streetscape features of the traffic calming project. The R820C requires no trenching, cabling or wiring, and can be installed onto existing posts, eliminating costly traffic disruptions during installation.

Carmanah’s R820C pedestrian crosswalk lights are push-button activated with the ability to wirelessly link multiple beacons within a system to flash simultaneously. Carmanah’s solar-powered LED flashers have been extensively field-proven to be durable and reliable in all environmental conditions, from below freezing temperatures to low solar conditions.

With more than 250,000 installations worldwide, Carmanah is a leader in solar LED lighting solutions. For more information about this project or to review Carmanah’s other solar LED lighting solutions for the roadway industry, check out our crosswalk applications here:

About Carmanah Technologies Corporation

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