Rectangular rapid flashing beacons (RRFBs) and circular flashing beacons are pedestrian-activated, high-intensity warning lights that notify drivers when a pedestrian is entering a crosswalk. Both beacon types can supplement crosswalk signs at marked, uncontrolled crosswalks, including urban mid-block crosswalks, trail crossings, roundabouts, and more. With Carmanah’s solar RRFBs and circular beacons, installation is completed in minutes with little to no traffic interference.

Supplementing crosswalk signs with an RRFB has proven to increase safety and yield rates. An RRFB uses high-intensity LEDs, which are exceptionally noticeable for drivers during the day and night. Their amber color and quick flash pattern (WW+S) make them easily visible when headlight glare, wet roads, or other situations create difficult nighttime lighting conditions. Studies have shown that RRFBs improved driver yield rates from 18% up to as high as 96%. Download our Rapid Facts handout for more RRFB statistics and product details to share with your team.


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RRFBs are one of the best and easiest ways to increase walkability in a community without significant infrastructure changes. Carmanah’s circular flashing beacons offer similar results. Explore our free RRFB Application Guide to design the layout of your RRFBs in multiple road scenarios.



Are RRFBs and circular beacons MUTCD compliant?

Yes. The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) released Interim Approval 21 on March 20, 2018, which makes RRFBs MUTCD-compliant in the US. RRFB Interim Approval 11, the original RRFB interim approval, was rescinded in December 2017. With IA-21 now in place, state and local agencies can apply for interim approval. Read more about the FHWA memorandum. Circular crosswalk flashing beacons are also MUTCD-compliant. Carmanah circular beacons have 12+ years of successful deployments across North America.


Putting our solar and AC RRFBs and circular beacons to use at crosswalks

Watch our RRFB Overview video to learn exactly where and how rectangular rapid flashing beacons can be installed.


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