Speeding drivers put others in risk, especially when pedestrians are present in school zones, on neighborhood streets, or in work zones. Well-designed radar speed displays are highly effective in getting drivers to slow down in these areas. Also known as driver feedback signs, these traffic calming devices detect the speed of oncoming vehicles and display the driver’s speed by flashing bright LED digits. The display is combined with a “YOUR SPEED” static sign face, making it easy for drivers to understand the intended message at a glance and react to it by slowing down. Many municipalities are finding success with speed detection signs, as they support larger traffic calming programs and walkability initiatives.

“There is no question that radar signs enhance safety in the community. These signs are a cost-effective means of getting people to police themselves. They are relatively inexpensive considering the work they do to improve community safety.”

– Bill Dickinson, former Police Chief, Tigard, OR


A compliant solution

Radar speed signs meet a variety of compliance requirements, while also aligning with safety initiatives across the US and Canada. SpeedCheck displays are a lower cost, lower maintenance alternative to sidewalks, traffic lights or speed bumps, allowing you to stretch your funds. Radar speed signs are:

  • MUTCD approved
  • Transport Canada approved
  • Safe Routes to School aligned
  • Eligible for grant funding in many cases

SpeedCheck is the most recognized radar speed sign in the industry, with thousands of installations across North America. It was the first system with an integrated LED and radar display and it remains a market leader 20+ years later. The SpeedCheck system features a unique, ultra-clear display that increases contrast and viewability while also improving driver focus. Our system is customizable, offering two-way wireless communication, a scheduling function, traffic data reporting and more.

If you’d like to learn more about the MUTCD requirements for radar speed signs, check out our compiled guide here.

Download Radar Speed Signs MUTCD Requirements

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