Flashing school zone signs are active traffic control devices that can help condition motorists to change their behavior when the devices are activated. Passive devices—like straightforward school zone signs—identify a crossing but require the driver to determine whether they need to adjust their speed, based on the current time of day. With the addition of a beacon flashing during the hours the speed limit is in effect, drivers are told when they need to adjust their speed—no guesswork required.

According to a study from the Washington Department of Transportation, locations with flashing school zone signs had average driver speeds 5–7 mph slower than locations with “when children are present” and “when flagged” signs.

Related initiatives

Crosswalk flashing beacon systems are recommended for use under Safe Routes to School programs and can help improve community walkability initiatives. These programs can also be part of Vision Zero initiatives, which aim to eliminate all serious traffic injuries and deaths. School-based safety projects could include sidewalk improvements, raised crosswalks, pedestrian lighting, and uniform warning signage, among other improvements.

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