It’s one of the most terrifying scenarios you can imagine: You’re driving 70mph down a freeway late at night when suddenly, you realize there’s a car or truck headed straight toward you, driving the wrong direction, in your lane. You crank the wheel in a desperate attempt to swerve out of their path, but there’s not enough time. You collide head-on.

With prominent signage and medians on most highways and freeways, you might not think this type of situation occurs very often, but you’d be wrong. According to data from the National Transportation Safety Board, wrong-way crashes claim an average of 359 lives each year in the U.S. And while overall vehicle crash deaths have declined in the past decade, wrong-way crashes have maintained their deadly toll. Some states have even seen an uptick in wrong-way crashes.

Carmanah’s Wrong-Way Vehicle Detection and Alert Systems offer a complete, configurable, and effective defense against wrong-way driving. Typically installed at or near freeway exit ramps—the primary origin of wrong-way events—these robust and durable systems use advanced radar, camera, and LED technology to accurately detect wrong-way vehicles, warn drivers of their mistake, encourage self-correction, and notify local authorities. Two categories of systems are available to suit a variety of roadway types and requirements.


Achieve Vision Zero goals with Wrong-Way Alert Systems

The Vision Zero initiative is a worldwide movement that encourages cities to pledge to eliminate death and serious injury from their roads. Wrong-way driver systems are one element that transportation engineers, government officials, and safety advocates can consider to help them meet their city or state’s Vision Zero initiatives.

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Video On-Demand: Wrong-Way Vehicle Detection, Alert and Notification Systems Webinar

Watch our two-part webinar series to learn more about the problem of wrong-way driving and our solutions. Part one deals with the contributing factors to wrong-way driving in the US and Canada and shows the potential for these wrong-way driver alert systems in your region. Part two highlights Carmanah’s advanced wrong-way vehicle systems, the detection technology used, and how they can help reduce wrong-way driving incidents. Click the images below to watch.


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