R820-G Solar Crosswalk Flashing Beacon


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R820-G Solar Crosswalk Flashing Beacon

An MUTCD-compliant, pedestrian-activated warning beacon for uncontrolled marked crosswalks.

  • Improve pedestrian safety by increasing driver yield rates
  • Passive activation: microwave-based sensor detects pedestrian
  • Audible pushbutton station
  • Solar power performance even in partially shaded applications
  • Solar and AC-powered models wirelessly communicate and can be used together in the same application
  • Ultra-efficient optics and Energy Management System (EMS) enable it to meet and exceed MUTCD light intensity requirements

Easy Installation

All components, including the battery or AC power supply, Energy Management System (EMS) and optional audible push button controller are housed in a compact, lockable, purpose-built enclosure. It also incorporates a wire routing and termination system, and all components are wired at the factory for an efficient installation.