SpeedCheck-18 Radar Speed Sign


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Features & Installation


Features & Installation

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SPEEDCHECK-18 Radar Speed Sign

An 18-inch radar speed sign to control posted speed zones of over 45 mph.

  • High-contrast display is easy to see in all weather and lighting conditions
  • Large 36” x 48” sign with 18” digits for visibility even at higher speeds
  • Lowest power consumption on the market
  • Meets MUTCD requirements

Easy Installation and Repair

The smart design of the SPEEDCHECK-18 makes installation quick and easy, helping minimize installation costs. Two-way wireless communication ensures simple device setup, whether onsite with Bluetooth® wireless technology or remotely via GSM or other connections. For sign bases with existing speed limit signs already installed, it’s easy to retrofit them with SpeedCheck signs—without requiring the cost of larger poles, new bases, and trenching.

“By comparing average traffic speeds before and after the units are installed, we see that the radar speed displays have an immediate and long-lasting impact on driving behavior.”
– Susan Lowery, Project Manager, Santa Clara County, California

Optional Product Features

Shared platform, many solutions: using the shared platform design, all SpeedCheck products use the same device manager software and device controller hardware, making it easy to quickly add many optional features to fit your application.

  • Slow down: Flash an MUTCD-compliant “Slow Down” message when drivers exceed user-defined speed thresholds.
  • Scheduler: Manage unlimited schedules and modes on a calendar with a 2-year exception list.
  • Traffic analysis: Use traffic info data to generate easy pre-defined speed compliance reports.
  • Outputs: Trigger external devices, like flashing beacons, strobes, or cameras, by speed threshold, schedule, or by remote control.
  • Inputs: Allow external devices to manage display operation with external contact closure and the included wiring harness.