Wrong Way Driver Alert Systems

Enhanced traffic control systems with flashing beacons

When a driver is tired, confused, distracted, or impaired, they may unintentionally turn the wrong way down a travel lane. The most serious scenarios involve high-speed divided highways or access ramps. Known as wrong-way driver events, these can be terrifying for both the oncoming traffic and the wrong-way driver, and incidents will often result in serious or fatal injuries. Stopping wrong-way driver events before they become serious is the goal of wrong-way driver signs. Drivers have the chance to see the signs and self-correct before any collisions occur.

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Beyond basic signs, which are red and say “WRONG WAY,” many state DOTs are looking for solutions using 24-hour flashing LED enhanced signs as well as more complex systems involving radar or heat detection. Texas and Florida are two states where extensive testing and research has been conducted, and both states have seen an increase in wrong-way drivers self-correcting and avoiding incidents.

The Vision Zero connection

Wrong-way driver systems tie in well with Vision Zero initiatives, which emphasize that no loss of life or serious injury should be considered acceptable. Learn more about Vision Zero to see how our solutions can align with your Vision Zero goals.

The highest price paid in a motor vehicle accident is the loss of life and the repercussions of that incident for all involved. In addition to the tragedy of such an event, there is also a financial cost: the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that the lifetime economic cost to society for a single fatal motor vehicle crash is almost $1.5 million on average—which amounts to roughly $836 billion across the United States per year.

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