WW100 24-Hour Flashing Wrong Way Warning Sign


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What's an EBR?
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WW100 24-Hour Flashing Wrong Way Warning Sign

High-intensity, 24-hour flashing signs increase safety by focusing wrong-way driver attention on problematic highway off-ramps.

  • Cost-effective driver warning solution
  • Highest intensity output in the industry
  • Buy America compliant
  • Energy Balance Report™ (EBR) prepared for every location
  • Self-contained design to simplify installation

Easy Installation

The WW100 includes a compact enclosure containing the batteries, solar panel, and energy management system. This self-contained engine speeds up installation, dramatically reducing installation costs. Existing wrong way signposts can be retrofitted in minutes and new installations can be completed quickly and easily without trenching.

Advanced User Interface

The WW100 comes with an on-board user interface for quick configuration and status monitoring. It allows for simple in-the-field adjustment of flash pattern, duration, intensity, ambient auto adjust, night dimming, and more.

Long-term Solar Reliability

The WW100’s solar engine is sized for your project location using Carmanah’s proven solar software simulation. A comprehensive site assessment and report ensures each WW100 system will operate reliably over the long term.