WW400 Wrong Way Vehicle Detection, Warning and Alert System


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WW400 Wrong Way Vehicle Detection, Warning and Alert System

An intelligent system that increases safety by warning wrong-way drivers and alerting traffic management centers (TMC).


Superior Detection and Alert Technology

The system monitors highway ramps in both directions 24 hours a day without interfering with other traffic detection systems.

Dual technology confirmation utilizes two types of detectors—a single radar unit and two high-definition cameras—to ensure the accuracy of a wrong-way event. When the radar unit detects a wrong-way vehicle, the system simultaneously triggers the LED warning lights and activates the cameras and video analytics.

The system uses advanced image-processing algorithms to process the video and sends an alert when the wrong-way event is confirmed.

Alert Notification

With a confirmed alert, the W400 also compiles an event package containing a configurable sequence of images and other data. The data is then transmitted to the TMC.

Configurable Setup and Monitoring

Users can configure the size, placement, and sensitivity of the detection zones. Cellular and Ethernet connectivity options can be used for programming and monitoring and an included application programming interface (API) allows system integration with traffic management software.